Teenager charged over London tube bomb attack at Parsons Green

An 18-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder over the bomb attack at London's Parsons Green train station. Three men remain in custody in connection with the attack while two others have been released.

London Anschlag auf Underground Ubahn (picture alliance/AP Photo)

British police charged Ahmed Hassan on Friday with attempted murder and causing an explosion in connection with last week's terrorist attack at Parsons Green, an underground train station in London.

Karte London Parsons Green tube station ENG

About 30 people were injured when a homemade bomb made of nails and explosive triacetone triperoxide (TATP), which was stuck in a plastic bucket inside a grocery bag, partially detonated during a peak morning travel time last Friday and injured 30 people.

Hassan was arrested on Saturday in Dover, a port city in southeast England that is also a departure point for ferries to France. After the arrest, police raided a suburban home of a couple who had fostered 200 children, including refugees from the Middle East.

Police said the man is accused of attempting to "murder persons traveling on a District Line train" on September 15, and of using the chemical compound triacetone triperoxide (TATP) to cause an explosion likely to endanger life.

During a brief court hearing on Friday, Hassan spoke only to confirm his name for the record. He was ordered detained until his next hearing on October 13.

London police chief Cressida Dick said Friday that the "very dangerous" bomb was packed with shrapnel and the carnage could have been much worse.

Three other men – aged 17, 25 and 30 – are still in custody, police said. Two other detainees were released on Thursday.

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UK Home Office Minister: 'We think an attack is imminent'

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