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Asian Cup 2019

The Asian Cup in pictures

Flying feet

Breakdancing in Abu Dhabi! Well not quite… The winner of this particular duel was the man with one foot on the ground, Japan's Wataru Endo. Japan beat Oman in this Group F match to book their ticket to the knockout phase.

The Asian Cup in pictures

The journey continues

The Japanese fans were in a festive mood as they cheered their team on to victory. They will be hoping for the Samurai Blue to advance far beyond the round of 16, where their journey ended at the World Cup in Russia last summer. Who knows? Maybe Japan can even add to their record four Asian Cup titles.

The Asian Cup in pictures

Clear winner

Mahdi Taremi of Iran clearly came out on top in this battle for the ball against Vietnam's Pham Duc Huy. Following their 2-0 win over Vietnam, their second in their first two matches, Iran too are through to the knockout phase as they strive for a third Asian Cup trophy.

The Asian Cup in pictures

Catching a live game

Just as they did at last summer's World Cup in Russia, a number of female Iranian fans have taken the opportunity to watch their team live. A stadium ban, which was briefly lifted and then reinstated, means they can't do so at home.

The Asian Cup in pictures

A good omen?

Lebanese goalkeeper Mehdi Khalil managed to stop this one, but he was twice beaten by Saudi Arabia for a 2-0 final score. This is just the second time that the Saudis have won both of their first matches. The last time they did this – in 1966 – they won the whole thing. Then too, the tournament was hosted by the United Arab Emirates.

The Asian Cup in pictures

Penalty area battle

Lebanon may have failed to score in their first two matches, but it wasn't for a lack of trying. It may not look like it, but Saudi goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais actually game out on top here, even if he didn't manage to punch the ball clear. A clean sheet is a clean sheet.

The Asian Cup in pictures

Little fan, big win

China also opened their Asian Cup campaign with two wins, beating the Kyrgyz Republic 2-1 and blanking the Philippines 3-0. This young Chinese fan clearly approves!

The Asian Cup in pictures

Heading home

Oman failed to earn a point from their first two matches, making their third academic. That means this fan will be headed home early, despite his best efforts to inspire his team though fancy dressing.


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